Thoughts on Inebriation;

There are states of inebriation that you come to or - perhaps that come to you - kind of unawares. To wit: You might find yourself:

‘Drunk with power’, ‘giddy with love’, ‘overcome by the fragrances of spring’, or by the hypnotizing languor of her heavy perfume’ You might call these states "No fault inebriations"

On the other hand you might consciously wish to purchase drunkenness for good money at a bar in order to find courage before kicking your boss in the pants or may wish  purchase relieve from your inhibitions to facilitate the loss of your virginity, or to purchase leave from your good senses before getting married to the girl you picked up the bar you went to before getting drunk with her in the bar you are in with her now. Call these " Your fault inebriations"

Then, again, some claim that a state of alcoholic insensibility is a ‘conditio sine qua non’ for them to plumb the depth of their innate creativity and artistic imagination. Others, self deluded, spend their lives in perpetual day dreams to the point of obscuring the realities of their lives and thus precluding any possibility of attaining the goals and objectives of their day dreams in the real world. Then there are those unfortunates who can’t help inhabiting castles in the air because psychoses builds their castles for them - psychiatrists, it is said, collect the rent. Call these 'involuntary or delusional' inebriations.

When I was old enough to take an interest in politics, but not yet old enough to dream of women, my day dreams consisted of endless, imagined speeches I gave before world assemblies of the mighty and the empowered of this planet on how to remedy its social and political iniquities and inequities. I derived great satisfaction from this activity and, perhaps, also a certain gift of eloquence - though it is an open question which came first: The desire to string words together in an intelligible sequence or the desire to improve the evident flaws in the existing order of things. Perhaps a remark of of my one time boss, Herr Professor Dr. Hofrath Eberhard Von Hohenlangern offers a clue: " If one talks as much as you do, even without the exercise of logic, one is sure to be right some of the time"!

The famous remark by Disraeli, a caustic debater, to Gladstone, a brilliant orator, (or the other way around) comes to mind: "The Honorable Gentlemen is intoxicated by the exuberance of his innate verbosity"