The Kiss

(An Act of Forgiveness)

I want out. I donít want to live with you anymore.

Just like that??All of a sudden? Donít you love me anymore?

I never stopped loving you but I guess not as much as you love me, I want out

But, I canít imagine life without you.

Thatís your problem. You may have to, so start imagining. Look, I know that you love me, I love you too. But you make it difficult for anyone to love you. I want out.

So whatís the beef??

You keep me in a cage you oppress me. I could scream, throw hysterical fits, I need air. want to shout with joy, I want to sing, I want to dance. You leave me no space of my own. You even insist on arranging our furniture. I want to be free.

None of us are free, my pet. Men was not meant to be monogamous. Certainly not I.

Oh, I know you are faithful. But you have your career. All I have the house and the family. You do not encourage any of my initiatives. I have even lost the ability to express myself. I want out before I suffocate. I want to be free.

Listen my pet, If ones creative drives are strong enough, one does not allow them to be suppressed. If oneís intellect is aroused one talks; If no one is about one talks to the walls or to a diary, one does not loose ones ability to articulate. Besides I am available most of the time. You are just not a debater, you have set views, they may be right and wise; But you come to your wisdom by intuition not by analysis, by instinct and not by reason. You do not argue, as I do, for the love and thrill of arguing.

You are inconsiderate you are full of yourself and dead sure of your facts; and, then, half the time, it turns out you are wrong. You are a bore. You are a pompous ass. I want out.

I have to be right more often than not. Remember, darling, I make a fair living for us by dint of my analytical mind.

See!! arrogant you are to boot. Its to much of a sacrifice. I want out

Perhaps the sacrifices we each make are the price we have to pay for a successful marriage. Ours has been the talk of the town, right??. Our friends come to us for advice. They ask for our formula to keep a relationship young and alive, remember?

Perhaps, but they do not know you as I do. I hate your violence. I canít stand your unpredictable reactions. You are a monster. I want out.

I admit, I have a short fuse. I have tried to be all those things, kind and considerate, even humble. We canít help our natures. I was bound to fail at my attempts to be a gentlemen. You have your fits too, my pet. You may be an angel but angels have horns and a temper as well as wings and haloes. When we fight we make up, donít we, my darling? We may fight but we are never indifferent.We enjoy making love with tenderness, and with passion. The physical attraction is as strong as it was on ĎDay Oneí, that is the wonder and secrete of our mystery. There is no part of you I have not caressed a thousand times, not a day has gone by when I have not whispered ĎI love youí a dozen times.

Ah! I guess it is the glue that held it all together isnít it, Oh you are impossible, I hate you, you monster. Come here monster, give me a kiss .