Out of the Gravel a Peony Grew

I cleared myself a little patch
and then some grass did sow
A can of water did I fetch
and  spread  'Miracle Grow'

A little sparrow stole my seeds
I saw him hopping to and fro
To foil him at these evil deeds
I spread a layered mat of straw

I planted flowers all around
My rabbit nibbled at a bud
I scolded, but he stood his ground
I gently  kicked his little butt

One rainy day I heard a  thud
my hostile neighbour!! what a mess
he’d slipped and fallen in the mud
I laughed -  he Iiked me even less

For a load of gravel did he call
His civil right, but here is the catch,
It towered like a moutain wall
over my treasured little patch

He did not spread it on his yard
He let it sit there threateningly
As might be proclaimed by a bard
It hung there, a sword of Damoclee

And then a meteorite did strike it
I was afeared my patch was through
but though it was sorely blighted
lo, out of the gravel a peony grew