Family photography and cinematography  create images mostly for shortterm use. A wedding scene or the picture of an only child as a baby may be displayed for a lifetime. Pictures of memorable events  may find their way into an album to be viewed occasionally or to be shown to new acquaintances but the bulk of photos or films taken over a lifetime by persons owning cameras are looked at  when newly developed only to be placed in shoeboxes and stored in out of the way drawers. Yet when we take the pictures we think the scenes worth  recording and we may in fact remember scenes we have wittnessed or places we have visited and  whish to look at representative images.   Electronic  photo albums help in the retrieval  of such images and storing them in a website makes it possible for a dispersed family to have random acces to them.

We have 1/2 a million feet of regular & super 8 mm  film . I have transferred  many films to VHS tapes and DVDs.Unfortunately the quality of the DVDs  is not good enough to be retransferred to this site and so completion of this project will have to wait untill  I can set up my transfer equipment again, The first 3 items below give access to samples of my films of more general interest, The last two items are intended to give fast access to family members to item of interest to them.